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Thames Valley Berkshire

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European Regional Development Fund


The European Regional Development Fund provides support to encourage research, development and innovation, create and grow SMEs, develop a low carbon economy and reduce the environmental risk to businesses. Investments to date have been made to accelerate the creation of a Thames Valley Science Park (£5m) and extend the life of the Berkshire Business Growth Hub, to February 2021 (£750,000).


Low Carbon

This represents approximately 20% of the ERDF funding available (£2.6m). It is provided on a match basis (50%) for projects with a total value of £1m or greater. It aims to support projects that can either: increase the renewable energy capacity in Berkshire, increase the number of SMEs that reduce their carbon emissions; or deliver innovative carbon emission reductions in the public and housing sectors.  

Applicants are encouraged to attend a workshop run by the Technical Assistance service – Low Carbon Berkshire. To learn more, email: lowcarbonberkshire@reading.gov.uk

Click here for information on previous presentations (link to document library ESIF/ERDF)

Business Support

This funding (£2.3m) is to augment the Business Growth Hub service by:

  • supporting SMEs to 'Scale-Up', through a strong local entrepreneurial eco-system
  • helping innovative companies export/export more
  • securing more Inward Investment into the area.

Protecting the Environment

This funding (£242,000) is for investments in green and blue infrastructure, and actions that support the provision of eco-system services on which businesses and communities depend - to increase local natural capital and support sustainable economic growth.

How to apply

Click here for more information and to apply.