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Expenses Policy

The LEP does not pay expenses to non-executive directors or sector representatives for attendance at routine, scheduled meetings; expenses will only be paid in exceptional circumstances where agreed in advance with the Chairman or, in the case of the Chairman, with the Nominations and Governance Committee.

In the case of the Community Sector and in the interest of equality and/or diversity, the LEP will, on a case-by-case basis, consider reimbursement for individuals whose organisations are unable to fund expenses, or those without an organisation. To ensure there is no inadvertent discrimination, the policy must be made clear in the recruitment advertisement so that candidates can present a case for reimbursement of travel expenses at this stage, i.e. ahead of any appointment. This will not have any bearing on the decision to appoint or not.

The policy is effective from 24 July 2018. The determination of individual cases is delegated to the Nominations & Governance Committee.