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Thames Valley Berkshire

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The LEP focuses on a range of strategic initiatives designed to enhance connectivity across the sub-region and adjacent areas. These cover national, sub-national and local transport, housing growth, digital communications, water resources and flood defences, energy, and waste.

The main objectives for shaping infrastructure are derived from our Strategic Economic Plan:

  • To ensure that economic potential is not restricted by labour supply issues
    Strengthening networks to enable the flow of information between people and to use ideas better
    Make Berkshire’s towns genuine hubs in the knowledge economy
    The number one priority remains support for an expanded Heathrow Airport, with the top infrastructure priority being the Western Rail Link to Heathrow (WRLtH).

The Infrastructure Programme and activities include:

  • Influencing and lobbying, especially in relation to national government and its delivery bodies such as Network Rail or Highways England
  • Thames Valley Major Works Co-ordination Group, established to co-ordinate programmes, assess the risks, and manage the disruption generated by the huge investment into infrastructure across Berkshire and adjacent areas, using the communication message of “Transforming Connectivity in the Thames Valley”.
  • Partnership at sub-national level, through Transport for the South East

  • Investment of £135m LGF in local transport improvements through the Berkshire Local Transport Body and Berkshire Strategic Transport Forum

  • Superfast broadband for Berkshire

  • Co-ordination and support to Berkshire planning authorities

  • Membership of the Transport Knowledge Hub Board