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With a highly skilled workforce and easy access to national and international markets, the LEP area has the highest concentration of foreign owned companies in the UK. The area boasts excellent connections to the rest of the UK, Europe and the world via road, rail and air. In 2016 more companies than ever located or expanded in Berkshire; more detail is provided by our Local Delivery Partner, here.

We have particularly strong investment opportunities in a variety of sectors and promote the business credentials of Berkshire through three sector propositions:

In addition, we have contributed to a wider South East England Creative Industries report and The Financial Services in the South East

In 2016-2017, we recorded 60 inward investment projects as having landed in TVB, compared with 67 for the previous year. This however, does not include eight local projects that have been verified by the DIT Partnership Manager and Local Delivery Partner but which do not meet the strict DIT criteria for qualifying investments. This drop of c.10% compares with a South East YOY drop of 14%. TVB is still a Top Six UK destination for Foreign Direct Investment but there is no room for complacency so we have re-focussed our International Programme on the promotion and international positioning of Berkshire, on business retention and on export. We are also developing a long-term approach to the growth of the Visitor Economy, particularly with regard the development of international conference facilities.

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