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Three years of success for Berkshire Enterprise Adviser Network

The Berkshire Enterprise Adviser Network (EAN) is celebrating its third year in providing support and guidance to schools and colleges.

The Enterprise Adviser Programme is a national initiative, which matches volunteers from the world of work directly with school and college leaders, to help address the lack of knowledge and limited engagement faced by many young people. Thames Valley Berkshire LEP is working with The Careers & Enterprise Company to roll out the programme across Berkshire through a network of enterprise advisers. Organisations involved include Sainsbury’s, Mars, Microsoft, SSE and Barclays.

Allison Giles, Senior Enterprise Co-ordinator said, “We are proud that we have 40 schools and colleges in Berkshire signed up to the programme and matched with an Enterprise Adviser (EA).  EAs and schools collaborate to offer students a wide range of exciting and innovative activities including workplace visits, speed networking, supporting teachers in bringing careers into the curriculum and working with the schools Careers Leads to give strategic support.

“This is a milestone achievement – and goes to show the value of business in education, along with the strategic support that local employer involvement can bring to the success of careers in schools. Programmes such as these are instrumental in helping the LEP make that a reality and contributing indirectly to local economic growth.”

Enterprise Adviser for Reading Girls School, Syreeta Harewood, Talent Partner at Redwood Technologies said, “I have really enjoyed helping the students at Reading Girls School become the best that they can be and preparing them as our future talent in the workplace. It’s been enlightening  to see the challenges that schools face, but I am thrilled and honoured that I can support the school and give something back through my own experiences. It’s important to recognise that not everyone has the opportunity to find out about careers at an early age, so to be able to provide this to young people and increase their awareness of the various careers paths available to them means that more opportunities will be available to them in the future.”

Kate Thomson, Careers Lead at Reading Girls School, added, “Reading Girls School has been part of the Berkshire EAN for almost two years. We benefit hugely from our Enterprise Adviser who has supported us by providing an employer’s perspective on how we can best prepare our students in choosing a career path. It’s great that we have a strong female role model from the tech sector for our girls to aspire to. We know that the tech industry is important in our area and can offer a huge number of different career opportunities.”

If you would like to become an Enterprise Adviser or would like more information, visit the website at www.thamesvalleyberkshire.co.uk/for-businesses


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