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Thames Valley Berkshire LEP publishes 2018-19 Impact Report

Thames Valley Berkshire LEP has launched its 2018-19 digital Impact Report, which marks a further milestone in the implementation of the LEP’s Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) and the three Growth Deals that underpin it.

The Report reviews a year of progress against strategic targets to benefit the sub region’s long-term prosperity. It provides details of schemes that have been delivered across Thames Valley Berkshire to improve infrastructure, skills and the business environment, as well as the latest on the EU funding for the LEP area.

Peter Read, Chair of the LEP said, “Over the past year, Thames Valley Berkshire LEP has made more impact through the SEP and augmented it this year with a Scale-Up Strategy, a Utilities Study and an Energy Strategy. We’ve also continued to update our European & Structural Investment Funds Strategy to reflect new evidence and economic priorities. 2018-19 has been a significant year in terms of the focus of central government on LEPs and we have  responded to the publication of the Industrial Strategy by re -structuring ourselves to operate through three programme groups that reflect some of the main foundations of productivity: infrastructure, people and business environment. 

“This report demonstrates how and where we are making an impact: by enhancing urban connectivity, supporting vibrant town centres and unlocking housing developments, at the same time as building on our eco-system for businesses to grow – through local talent.

“We reached a significant milestone at the end of this reporting year, when we published the Berkshire Local Industrial Strategy Framework Document for consultation.”

Over the past year Thames Valley Berkshire LEP has:

  • invested over £9m of Local Growth Funds to keep Thames Valley Berkshire at the vanguard of economic performance
  • seen the completion of over 600 new homes
  • secured an additional £25m through Berkshire’s unitary authorities combining to be a Business Rates Retention Pilot; these funds are being invested in five strategic infrastructure projects
  • allocated a total of £33m Local Growth Funds into 10 new infrastructure schemes and £3.1m into five new skills projects

You can access the Impact Report at www.thamesvalleyberkshire.co.uk/2019-impact-report/

You can also follow the social story at #TVBImpact19.

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