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Workplace diversity and inclusion - recruiting a new LEP Chief Executive


To be a director you need to possess a variable skill set; to be able to understand business, people, markets and technology. But in achieving such understanding we all have differing perspectives, differing degrees of knowledge and often very different life experiences bringing us to that point. A business’s stakeholders will be male and female, and of differing cultural heritage; so, to truly understand and be able to respond effectively to stakeholders, the board of any business must include decision-makers from different and varied backgrounds.

Thames Valley Berkshire LEP is the best performing LEP in the country in terms of board gender diversity, with 55% of its directors being female. We are recruiting for a Chief Executive Officer and hope to see a diverse mix of candidates apply for the role.

The LEP cares genuinely about its employees, offering flexi hours and part time contracts; as a result we are a highly productive team, three quarters of whom are female, which further strengthens our overall gender diversity. The LEP is a member of the Southern LEPs Board Diversity Group where good practice, experience and perspectives are shared between skilled, successful and influential women. We pride ourselves for being at the vanguard of workplace diversity and inclusion because without it we would miss out on the full talent available to us.

If you are interested in applying or would like to speak to our current CEO, Tim Smith, please download the recruitment pack at http://bit.ly/CEOrecruitment

Dr Philippa Roles, non-executive director of Thames Valley Berkshire LEP

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