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An Apprentice's point of view during National Apprenticeship Week 3 - 9 March

Apprenticeships are not just for those beginning their career, they can also be a great opportunity for those looking to progress in their career or take a different direction.

Abby Lacey, Office Manager for Thames Valley Berkshire LEP, completed her 15-month AAT Accounting Apprenticeship (Level 3) in August 2019, with a 92% distinction. The apprenticeship consisted of five courses, for which Abby attended Kaplan’s classroom in Reading. It consisted of exams at the end of each course and completion of a portfolio and various functional skills, for example, data protection, time management, data analysis and written communication skills, which are completed through an online portal.

Abby said of her apprenticeship: “I work closely and support every member of the LEP team as Office Manager, but I am now able to bring much more knowledge and confidence into my day job. I have gone from being steered by my CEO, into fully managing the finances, budgets and bank transactions, as well as working closely with our company accountant. It goes to show you don’t have to be a school leaver or graduate to be an apprentice. You’re never too old – it’s been a great way to learn as well as meet people!”

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