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AI Chief Executive appointed to Skills Group of Thames Valley Berkshire LEP

Chris Sykes, CEO of Volume, an AI agency based in Wokingham, has been appointed to Thames Valley Berkshire LEP’s Skills, Education and Employment (SEE) Strategy Group. The Group is responsible for driving the SEE agenda and providing strategic leadership that synchronises supply change for current and future generations.

Chris is the employer representative on the Group and said, “I hope to work collectively and collaboratively to push the innovation and Digital Transformation agenda.  We need a clear set of strategies that Thames Valley-based companies, not just in tech, can buy in to and encourage their investment in programmes and initiatives that position Berkshire as a hot spot for future and emerging technologies.” The LEP’s 2018 Skills Priority Statement published earlier this year identified key areas in which it believes investment should be prioritised in order to grow the economy, raise productivity and improve the wellbeing of residents.

Chris added, “The sub region still has some work to do to on its positioning and the perception of Berkshire as a destination area for talent and international business. We’ve seen some incredible improvements in the area’s infrastructure in recent years but we need to rise up and be seen as a challenger destination to London and other competing areas. I look forward to working with the SEE Group in achieving the best we can for Thames Valley Berkshire.”

The Department for Education has launched a toolkit to help Skills Advisory Panels carry out high quality local skills analysis and provided a small amount of funding for each Panel to grow its capability. The Panel for Thames Valley Berkshire will help strengthen the ability to pool knowledge on skills and labour market needs.

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