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For Schools

These schools are participating in our Enterprise Adviser Network:

What They Say

"As school leaders, we must focus on preparing students for the future and ensuring they have the skills as well as academic standards required to propose and make a positive contribution to society.  Being aware of the skills priorities in the local area helps us to ensure students, parents and teachers are fully informed when making decisions about what to study at school, college and beyond"

Joanne Harper, Principal, UTC Reading

"The (LMI) information is essential reading for students who wish to work and live in the Berkshire area, being aware of skill gaps and what employers are looking for can give young people the edge in preparation or researching career opportunities. The infographic format is helpful to get this information across to cohorts and can be used flexibly to support IAG programmes."

Liz Cook, Head Teacher, Easthampstead Park School

"Six of the Federation’s eight secondary schools are now linked with an Adviser... and very much welcome the ‘bespoke’ approach of the Advisers they have and which the system provides so well, and with this the opportunity to tailor the support they receive to their specific requirements.

The excellent facilitation of these links by Allison Giles has greatly helped determine the success of the partnerships that have been developed. She is meticulous in her planning and spends much time in ensuring that any new relationship between Adviser and school has every chance of success. Allison also ensures that schools do not work in isolation, but that they are kept informed about developments through, for example, regular email communication and attendance at the Federation’s half-termly meetings of Careers Leads, where an update from her is a standing item."

Julian Bushell, Wokingham Secondary Federation Manager