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For Schools

These schools are participating in our Enterprise Adviser Network:


The Downs
John O’Gaunt
Little Heath
St Bartholomew’s*


Blessed Hugh Faringdon*
Reading Girls
The Wren


Cox Green
Furze Platt Senior School*
Windsor Boys
Windsor Girls
Langley Campus - Windsor Forest Colleges Group
Windsor Campus - Windsor Forest Colleges Group*


Baylis Court School*
Haybrook College
Langley Academy
Langley Grammar
Lynch Hill Academy*
Slough and Eton
St. Josephs Catholic High School*
Wexham Park
Windsor Forest Colleges Group (Langley campus)*


Easthampstead Park
Garth Hill College


The Holt
Maiden Erlegh
St Crispins
Waingels College


What They Say

"Sandhurst School has always valued careers education.  Each year we have successfully retained the Investors in Careers Award and whilst the school secures excellent examination results we recognise that an excellent education amounts to more than this. A student may get a high grade in an exam but being successful in the real world requires much more than knowledge and involves a more complex and rich set of skills and values. It is  for this reason we work closely with local businesses to provide a wide range of opportunities for our students.

Through the collaborative work developed by the Enterprise Adviser Programme and  undertaken between businesses  and our school, students are provided  with opportunities to grow and develop in many ways. These experiences, along with their examination results help to enable each of them to develop into successful and happy young adults."

Debbie Smith, Headteacher, Sandhurst School

"The (LMI) information is essential reading for students who wish to work and live in the Berkshire area, being aware of skill gaps and what employers are looking for can give young people the edge in preparation or researching career opportunities. The infographic format is helpful to get this information across to cohorts and can be used flexibly to support IAG programmes."

Liz Cook, Head Teacher, Easthampstead Park School

"Six of the Federation’s eight secondary schools are now linked with an Adviser... and very much welcome the ‘bespoke’ approach of the Advisers they have and which the system provides so well, and with this the opportunity to tailor the support they receive to their specific requirements.

The excellent facilitation of these links by Allison Giles has greatly helped determine the success of the partnerships that have been developed. She is meticulous in her planning and spends much time in ensuring that any new relationship between Adviser and school has every chance of success. Allison also ensures that schools do not work in isolation, but that they are kept informed about developments through, for example, regular email communication and attendance at the Federation’s half-termly meetings of Careers Leads, where an update from her is a standing item.".

Julian Bushell, Wokingham Secondary Federation Manager

"At Maiden Erlegh Trust, we are very clear that our job is not just to get students a set of good qualifications, important though that is. We must also prepare them to be competent and confident young adults and employees. Each one must, therefore, be able to navigate the complex information available to them about possibilities for their future, so that they can keep as many doors open as possible and make personally relevant choices at each stage. In order to do that, the information and advice our young people receive must be consistent, impartial and clear. Understanding the skills and competencies employers are looking for and then, working alongside businesses to prepare our students to meet those needs is, therefore, vital. The Enterprise Adviser Programme is a huge support with this and means that we are confident in the guidance we provide not only for students, but also for parents and staff."

Mary Davies, CEO, Maiden Erlegh Trust

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