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Skills, Education and Employment

We are committed to developing a well-motivated workforce with the skills that business needs. We need to ensure that the SEP target of 33,000 new jobs created by 2021 is not hampered by lack of available skills: ‘our workforce will be the lifeblood of our economy: young people will be inspired and older workers valued...’

This programme is where the investment of European funds most directly supports the implementation of our Strategic Economic Plan and where the LEP provides key evidence – labour market intelligence and economic data – to inform the interventions of skills providers. 

Skills Capital Projects

We have also published guidance for organisations seeking Local Growth Funds for Skills Capital Projects (SCP). Our intention is to fund SCPs that align with the economic evidence drawn from our Skills Priority Statement, Strategic Economic Plan and Thames Valley Area Review of Post-16 Training & Education.

The Skills Capital Prospectus sets out the eligibility criteria and application process.