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Thames Valley Berkshire Smart City Cluster Project

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The Smart City Cluster project is a two year £1.73m Internet of Things (IoT) project which is being funded through a Local Growth Fund capital grant from Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership. The project, led by Reading Borough Council on behalf of the Berkshire Unitary authorities of Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell and West Berkshire, will demonstrate how technology solutions can meet real-world challenges in delivering public sector services.

Specifically, the project will:

  • deliver an IoT communications system across the urban areas in the region with good coverage into rural areas, this is based on LoRa a Low Powered Wide Area Network (LPWAN). The communication system is ideal for the development and deployment of low cost IoT sensors and has a long range and good coverage in urban areas.
  • define the real-world challenges that we want smart city solutions to be developed to address. The project has run a series of workshops for the local authorities to define the challenges and these were around areas such as transport, energy, assisted living and the environment.

Successful solutions will not only address the specific challenges but will also have a strong business case and competition entrants will be expected to provide an element of co-funding of the project.

The second round of Challenges is now being advertised by Reading Borough Council on behalf of the Thames Valley Berkshire Smart City Cluster project (https://in-tendhost.co.uk/readingbc/aspx/Tenders/Current ) please search for ‘Smart City’. This round of Challenges was discussed at the launch event at Green Park on 7 August 2019. Please see the full recording below.

This second Call consists of five Challenges, focusing on:

  • tackling climate change (2 calls)
  • improving customer service including out of hours (Chat Bots)
  • promoting community arts and culture
  • an open IoT call

Each Challenge will involve a development and pilot phase so that the benefits can be evaluated and knowledge can be shared as these are common challenges faced by councils across the UK. Grants of up to £100,000 are available for each Challenge.

If you are looking to collaborate on a Challenge please email Katherine.Walton-Melhuish@stantec.com with the following information so it can be uploaded to this page:

  • Name, email, organisation website, preferred Challenge(s) and a short description of what you are offering and your interest in the project.